Ok where do I start. Well I have been totally ripped off by doing this write up MR JOHNNY PATTERSON.

Arrived in the rain on the Saturday, set up ready for the evening entertainment, which I have to say was BRILL N' HIGH TECH, which Mark and Dave put on for us. With a quiz of which your phones were the buzzers. All had great fun.

Sunday was panto time (o' yes it is). I have to say that every time we go it just gets better "STEVO" "STEVO". Even so that the cast where laughing at us EEDA. Even the bus trip was a laugh or should I say two buses. Came back to lovely fish n' chips that Tony and Pauline had organised, that went down a treat. Thank you. Then quick scrub up then back to the hall to play some games that Mr Pretty had done. And o' what fun, may not for everyone oops Mr Les twisting your knee, roll on the next lot of games, hey!!!!!

Monday we all had a rest or should I say some retail therapy. Then at 2 we had a wee auction of all those unwanted camping items that Colin done very well, as the cash was not flowing as much as he would have wanted. 7.00 it was "Stars in Your Eyes" run by the youth. Spice girls - well what can I say SUPERB. It was a great night with all the different acts, well done to you all. I do believe I saw Mark at Dunc's bar on his knees, well at 4 shots for a £1 what can I say. OMG our heads were hurting in the morning and it's all your fault Mr  and Mrs Bassett !!!!!! BARGIN THO!!!!!!

New Year's Eve time to dress the tables for the big event and I have to say they all looked very good. Winners must have blackmailed the judge cos I think our table was the best Ha! Ha! Plumleys.

Let the night commence. Lots of people in fancy dress looking great even you Mr Pretty. TABLES GREAT! PEOPLE LOOKING GREAT! Then Dunc's bar "O no I thought" but no we were good on our table, well I think anyway.

All having fun and midnight came what good fun had by all. Going to try and get Tony to put recipe of the chilli jam in the Easterner. Wednesday we had coffee morning some of us not looking to good after the night before"Dunc's fault" Pattersons doing well in the raffle. I hope you had great fun over the New Year.

A big thank you to all that entertained us. I would like to wish you all a very happy new year.

Love from the Pattersons. Xxxxx