Mystery Trip with Nanny and Grandad

Nanny and Grandad said that if I was a very good girl they would bring me away with them for the weekend and so, on Friday afternoon, I was strapped into my car seat and put in a big white box.  It was a bit scary at first but Nanny sat beside me all the way there.

When we arrived, Nanny and Grandad stopped to talk to lots of people, it took them ages to finally get to where we were parked and then Grandad disappeared for ages, but that was OK as Nanny fed me. 

After dinner we went into a big room with lots of tables.  There was no-one else there for a little while but gradually lots of people joined us and I had a great time playing with my toy mice with two big girls and lots of strange giant people who seemed to know me.

Then we went back to the big white box and Nanny got me ready for bed and we had to go upstairs onto a big shelf where I was put in the middle of Nanny and Grandad.  I was a good girl and slept for ages but then I thought it would be good fun to wake up and scream for a while (at 4am).  Nanny tried to get me back to sleep but it was Grandad who was my hero and rescued me from her and rocked me back to sleep.  I then let them have a lay-in until 9.45 when I thought it was time I had breakfast and woke them up.

Once I was up and ready we went for a walk into the village where we met Aunty Val and Uncle Andrew and then went to the pub.  I like Aunty Val because she gave me lots of her chips.
Later on we went back to the big box (Nanny says I have to call it the ‘van’) and had lunch and then went into another big room where there were lots of people talking.  I got fed up and started making noises so Nanny took me into another room but I could still see Grandad because he was sitting on a long table.  Every now and then everyone started clapping so I joined in but it was all a bit boring for me.

However, it would seem that all the giant people thought it was great and there were some major changes to the Committee (whatever that is!) as Grandad, Uncle Colin, Uncle Peter, Uncle Keith, Aunty Hayley and Uncle Dave all came off and Uncle Gary, Uncle Clive and Aunty Julia went on and Aunty Jan is now Chairperson – I’ll leave all the other business to the grown-ups!

In the evening I got dolled up in my favourite blue dress, sparkly cardigan and cream tights and went back to the big room where the men were cooking indian or Chinese for everyone outside.  Nanny and Grandad said it was lovely but I just had my own dinner and dessert, then a bit of Nanny’s dessert, then someone’s crisps, then a bit a naan bread (what can I say, I like my food!).  After we had dinner there were quizzes which Nanny says were very imaginative with Degsy’s memory table quiz, the nice man from Sussex’s feely bag bottle top quiz and Treena and Peter’s fiendishly difficult airport quiz, playing card quiz and sweet anagram quiz.

We then went back to the bo.. van and went to bed on the big shelf and I was really good and did not wake up until 9.30.  Once we were up we sat in the sun and played with Grandad’s bike wheel until it was time for coffee morning where we all said goodbye and planned to meet again in a place called Pleshey where Nanny and Grandad says I might be able to come and see you all again.

Love Darcy (aged 11 months and 25 days)