Easter 2014

We arrived to site on Thursday at 1:55pm keen to make the most of the weekend and was warmly welcomed by Keith and Jane. Within minutes of the car door being opened Courtney and Ella raced off and were instantly befriended by a deluge of kids. We got ourselves unpacked and explored the surroundings before sitting down for dinner and a chilled out night in the awning with a few beers.

At around 9:30pm we realized we hadn’t seen the kids for hours until we heard a faint scratching at the caravan door (Ella’s still a bit small to be able to reach the handle) “I’m not coming in, just going toilet” she instructed us as we opened the door. Eventually both Courtney and Ella reluctantly came home at 10pm giving into exhaustion. Where else could the kids do this in today’s society! 

We woke up to a slightly chilly, but sunny Friday morning and over breakfast Courtney and Ella coloured their pictures ready for the Easter hunt. We also had some fun trying to depict “the White Horse” for the roam around quiz (yes it was a horse and not a donkey!), after which we took a stroll down to the local shop.

In the evening we all gathered over the hall for Blankety Blank and a general get together with Duncan and special guest Terry hosting proceedings. All was going very civil until Paul set the tone for an X-rated version of Blankety Blank proudly announcing that the reception of his TV was so good he could get Porn! I’m not sure what was less surprising, Paul’s Porn declaration or the fact most of the panel had a similar train of thought; either way a great night was had by all and it probably explains why there were so many kids at the meet – you dirty lot!!

Saturday kicked off with the table top sale followed by tea, coffee and hot cross buns. We also picked up a future collectable, the last ever printed edition of the Eastener. Just before lunch I was coerced into salsa dancing by Isabel with the class being headed by Mrs. Smiles. Kate was great and had all us men spinning our senoritas around like a scene from dirty dancing in no time.

After a short breather and a communal BBQ we met up once more in the hall for the disco. Courtney and Ella had such a great time and we could really notice how their self-confidence has grown in our short time with EEDA. Another fantastic night.

The big day, Easter Sunday – while I went searching for a replacement gas bottle, yes I’m a Noobie, the kids, charged with early morning chocolate, set upon the Easter Bunny and searched for their pictures in return for more chocolate follow by a sugar charged egg race and Nikki kindly painting their faces.

Later that afternoon, Mrs Smiles called register before the second dance class of the weekend, Bachata. I’m not sure if it was the impromptu arts & crafts or stories of our dancing the day before, but for today’s class a rather rumbustious crowd had gathered. Again Kate did wonders and had us all “Bachatering” in no time. We really enjoyed this Kate, thank you.

Meanwhile, the kids all went a little feral as they beat the living chocolate out of the piñata.

Sunday evening and over to the hall for karaoke and giant shove Ha’penny refereed by Gary. The Reunion Bar with 4 types of real ale was popular and was evidentially fueling the karaoke and Colin. What can I say about the karaoke? It was like an episode of the X Factors worst bits (or best, if you’re not an X Factor fan), well, until the spice girls came on to round the evening off! Seriously though, anyone brave enough to get up deserves a cheer and all who took part gave us plenty of entertainment along with Jo Jo’s background music. Monday and the usual coffee morning, raffle and the prizes for the weekend roam around quiz etc. are handed out. Duncan stepped up and reminded us all to support the winter socials (we’ve signed up…have you?), along with Mystic Ron looking into 2015 and the NFOL.

Finally it was time to head off home much to Courtney and Ella’s disappointment, and ours of course. This was only our 3rd meet, and I must say to anyone reading this and thinking of tagging along, DO IT, its great fun for adult and kids alike. Everyone’s friendly and keen to get you involved in the activities. Lastly a big, big thank you to the EEDA team who worked tirelessly to entertain us all weekend.

Graham, Isabel, Courtney & Ella