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Valentine's 2016

posted 5 Mar 2016, 12:21 by Paul Bush   [ updated 5 Mar 2016, 13:24 ]

This meet was held at Chelmer Valley High School for the bargain unit fee of just £20. We arrived about 10 minutes early and started the Q outside the gate. The school had strict entry rules in force which initially seemed frustrating. On the stroke of 5pm we all processed through the gates, in 10 minutes the whole queue was sited.

From this point on the weekend sprang into life. It was so nice to see so many old friends after the winter break. We made our way to the canteen for a good old evening of catch up. The warm camper’s smiles and the school heating say it all.

Saturday started dry, Eric and I were fortunate to be offered a lift into town from our lovely EEDA Granddaughter. Thanks. We got all our shopping needs satisfied, then made our way for a relaxing lunch at Wetherspoon’s. Guess who followed us in.

While we had our PM rest a team of volunteers transformed the school hall to an upmarket restaurant. We were greeted with a complimentary Valentine's drink. We made our way into the hall, it looked magnificent, decorated tables tastefully arranged around the dance floor. We were invited to join a number of old friends. Jojo not only gave us a very romantic disco but used her new remote control. Campers were soon up and dancing. Half way through the evening we joined the queue for the mouth-watering buffet. The evening was so lively we were tempted to stay till 11pm and had more dances than for several years.

I should also mention the raffle. Our contribution was to sell the tickets. People were very generous. When it came to the draw Chuckles worked his magic and all the prizes were allocated till the final one was drawn and won by Mike Hayes. Unknown to most of us, he was the amazed winner of the write up. His look of panic resulted in prizes being exchanged. You now just have a quote from him.

“30 years ago he belonged to EEDA youth under Rob Daniels. Many years passed till this last Xmas he purchased a Motorhome and rejoined CCC. Looking in his new magazine he was delighted to learn EEDA unlike so many D.A’s was still up and running. So he drove over from his home near Oxford to join in the fun. Not knowing anyone when he arrived he told me everyone was so friendly he was pleased he came.” When asked if we will see him again he said “not very often because of the distance but, Yes certainly, if and when he could”

I cannot close without adding a heartfelt appeal to all campers to do their bit to lend a hand where they can. We do not want EEDA to join Mike’s list of closed D.A’s.

I do not know how much power our DA has to split jobs but for example stewards for DA meets are always needed. We can all help do little bits, like taking and putting up signs, opening up, offered an evenings entertainment or a walk or pub visit etc. We can also mind the site for a few hours while stewards get out and have a little fun too. At halls tables and chairs need to go out and back, floors swept coffee morning drinks made etc.

Many will say yes we do that, and evidence is there large and clear, so I will end by saying a big THANK YOU especially to our stewards for a wonderful, memorable, high class weekend. Thank you to the huge band of volunteers who lifted chairs, placed and set tables, brought along and set amazing decorations, donated raffle prizes, purchased, cooked and served our great meal, the brave souls who were first to get up and dance, and the band of even more praiseworthy volunteers who were up at crack of sparrows to clean, and rearrange the hall for coffee morning, the drinks makers and last of all everyone for coming. Without support we are in danger of loosing something that is greatly prized.

Come to the AGM and have your say as well as another great weekend.

Ann and Eric McLaren

Christmas 2015

posted 16 Jan 2016, 11:55 by Paul Bush

My Nan and Grandad went in their motor home to the school at Ingatestone where the party was going to be on Friday but I couldn't come till Saturday as I was supposed to go football training first, but it got cancelled so I came a bit earlier. Shame I had to miss Friday night as I could have met up with my friend Ollie and we would have had more time to play, but the grown-ups seemed to have enjoyed themselves without me talking and drinking lots!

We went over to the hall which was decorated with lights and tinsel and a great tree and had a roll with pork in and salad- yuk. I didn't have any! Then we had a yummy cupcake before getting back to the serious playing. We all had to be at the front of the hall to meet Lucy the entertainer. She started by doing some long balloons but not many so we didn't all have one, then she done a dance thing. Huh girly stuff (don't want to show her my moves!).

The X-factor thing was good cos some kids could really sing, not me though. We all lined up to go into the grotto that the grown-ups had done to see Santa and he told me I had to empty the toilet in granddad’s van- No Way that stinks! but I still got a present.

We had to go back to the van to rest - BORING! - before the evening and that's when it got good as there was lots of dancing. I copied JoJo, she's really clever. It went on till late and was well past my bedtime but Nan said I had been good.

Coffee morning was my last chance to see Ollie and my new friend Matthew so we could use Ollies iPad. The grown-ups did more talking and some clapping and I did agree it had been a really cool weekend, can't we have another Christmas party next week?


Alex Burgess (Kim & Les Burgess’ Grandson) Age 8

Mods & Rockers Weekend

posted 16 Oct 2015, 14:36 by Web Master

Mods & Rockers Weekend

I arrived on site about 2.30pm, Alan & Pat had kindly opened up for me, and there were a few units there when I arrived. I settled & sorted the rest of the units as they came in. The grass was rather wet to say the least, so cars were getting stuck in the mud, this is where Chris and Sean (both WEDA) stepped up to the mark for the towing duties, thanks guys.

Friday night saw everyone in the hall, playing board games & cards, drinking homemade soup & catching up on the gossip, (mainly the latter), Alan Nash thrashing me at cribbage.

Saturday afternoon was the workshop where members were invited to see how the committee worked and how easy it is to steward a meet.

The evening was the M&R bash, some great costumes, & prizes for the winners, great disco by JoJo (as per), nibbles, mega raffle, the odd alcoholic beverage, a great time was had by all. All over far too early at 11pm. 

Sunday was coffee at 11am, and another little chat, thanking West Essex & Kent members for coming & hoping that they had a good time, then it was home time, site was cleared by 3pm.

There were 20 units over the weekend, and some guests on the Saturday night, 7 caravans & 13 from the dark side.

I would like to thank everyone for making the first meet of 2015 a memorable & enjoyable one. Thanks for everyone that helped in any way & for the donation for the raffle prizes.

Looking forward to the next meet. See you all on a field real soon.

Deg3y & his Shadow


Footnote from Jan, I think one of the funniest things at the weekend was when Deg3y said that whoever won the last raffle prize (a pack of pens) could write the report for the meet, he then promptly drew out his own ticket. (Ha! Ha! But well done Deg3y).

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