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Christmas 2015

posted 16 Jan 2016, 11:55 by Paul Bush

My Nan and Grandad went in their motor home to the school at Ingatestone where the party was going to be on Friday but I couldn't come till Saturday as I was supposed to go football training first, but it got cancelled so I came a bit earlier. Shame I had to miss Friday night as I could have met up with my friend Ollie and we would have had more time to play, but the grown-ups seemed to have enjoyed themselves without me talking and drinking lots!

We went over to the hall which was decorated with lights and tinsel and a great tree and had a roll with pork in and salad- yuk. I didn't have any! Then we had a yummy cupcake before getting back to the serious playing. We all had to be at the front of the hall to meet Lucy the entertainer. She started by doing some long balloons but not many so we didn't all have one, then she done a dance thing. Huh girly stuff (don't want to show her my moves!).

The X-factor thing was good cos some kids could really sing, not me though. We all lined up to go into the grotto that the grown-ups had done to see Santa and he told me I had to empty the toilet in granddad’s van- No Way that stinks! but I still got a present.

We had to go back to the van to rest - BORING! - before the evening and that's when it got good as there was lots of dancing. I copied JoJo, she's really clever. It went on till late and was well past my bedtime but Nan said I had been good.

Coffee morning was my last chance to see Ollie and my new friend Matthew so we could use Ollies iPad. The grown-ups did more talking and some clapping and I did agree it had been a really cool weekend, can't we have another Christmas party next week?


Alex Burgess (Kim & Les Burgess’ Grandson) Age 8