Stewarding is not as difficult as some may think, and all our stewards camp the meet they are stewarding free of charge

In fact, it can be quite rewarding and is an excellent way of getting to know more campers in the D.A. whilst giving you a chance to do a little something for the club.

If you want to steward one of our meets, please contact our site secretary or complete the form below

Stewards Responsibilities
1.   Make yourself known to the landowner/farmer.
Ask if there is anything you should be made aware of and confirm the location of water and elsan points.
2.   Put out the signs.
Ideally, this should be done well before the site opens. Some stewards even do this the day/evening before. Signs will be given to you by the Equipments officer or his/her representative. 
Placing the signs is largely common sense. Use the site directions as a guide and place signs at significant junctions. 
The "Dogs on lead" and "Speed Limit (5mph)" should be placed near the entrance. 
The "Steward" sign will go outside your unit. 
The "Water" and "Elsan" signs should be placed near the water and elsan points.
3.   Stewards Sheet
You will receive the Stewards sheet by hand or post prior to the meet.
Fill in the details required for each unit (its obvious what goes where when you see the sheet).  You can fill the sheet out as campers arrive or do this during the meet.
It's usual to collect the fees as you fill in the sheet but there are always one or two you may need to collect from later (usually the committee members).
The fee per unit (per unit night) to be collected will already be marked on the Stewards sheet, together with the fee per unit (per unit night) to be paid to the landowner/farmer. Simply pay the total to the landowner/farmer when you are sure you have collected all the fees in or just prior to leaving. Try and obtain a receipt from the landowner/farmer if possible.
4.  Coffee Morning
It is customary to have a coffee morning on Sunday (usually around 11am outside the stewards unit), however, this is not compulsory, you decide.
Coffee, tea, biscuits etc. will normally be given to you prior to the meet.  If you need more, go get it and deduct it from the stewards sheet or claim it back via a committee member or the treasurer.
You don't need to give a speech or anything but it would be helpful if you could remind the campers of the next one or two meets and possibly any significant events being held in the near future (check this web site before you go).
5.  Promote the DA and club
The most important thing to remember is that, for many people new to D.A. camping, the steward is the first representative they will meet.  Do your utmost to make them feel welcome and offer your help and assistance freely.
6. Rules & Regulations For The Guidance Of Camp Stewards
Camp Stewards are recommended to read the codes contained in the Club Handbook which is issued to all new stewards, or on request to the sites secretary and ensure that the club rules are followed by all members attending the meet.

    Queens Jubilee (1/6 - 5/6)Lake at Nine Acres (15/7 - 17/7)Hook Farm (16/9 - 18/9)Halloween (28/10 - 30/10)