General Camping Rules

1. It is assumed that all members will be familiar with the Code for Campers and the Caravan Code.
2. Club Meets are open to members only. It is not possible for non-members to stay or join on site.
3. Temporary Holiday Sites are organised for the benefit of members. Non-members may join on site and are also permitted to stay in a member’s unit upon payment of a one-off Guest Fee.
4. All Club camping events will have at least one appointed Steward who is responsible for members’ behaviour and safety during the event.
5. Proof of Club membership is to be shown by all members attending camping events when properly requested to do so by the appointed Steward.
6. Campers must not arrive before the published opening time and must not occupy the site in the absence of the appointed Steward. To do so is outside the provisions of the Club’s Exemptions under which Club Meets and Temporary Holiday Sites are held.
7. All members, upon arriving on site, should report to the appointed Steward before pitching their unit.
8. If a Steward feels a member’s behaviour, or the behaviour of a member’s children or pets, is causing a nuisance, the Steward is permitted to ask the member to cease the behaviour or leave the site.
9. Members with units in excess of 5 metres by 9 metres should contact the event organiser in advance of their stay.

Safety on site
10. All vehicles are restricted to 5mph on site and learner drivers are not permitted. Vehicles must be parked at right angles to any slope.
11. Units, excluding guy ropes, must be 6 metres apart from adjacent units. This is a precaution against fire. Vehicles may be parked between units, provided that a 3 metre clear space is left within the 6 metre gap at all times.
12. Children’s pup tents are classed as an integral part of a camping unit, in the same way as an awning, when occupied by children and when no appliance with a naked flame is used in or close to them. This means that a child’s pup tent is not required to comply with the 6-metre rule and can be pitched close to the parents’ unit.
13. Open fires are not, in general, allowed except with the permission of the Steward and in an agreed location. Barbecues should also be agreed with the Steward and sited well away from any camping units.
14. Never use a fuel-burning appliance inside your tent or awning. Even a warm barbecue can cause lethal amounts of carbon monoxide.
15. It is strongly recommended that all camping units are equipped with a suitable BS/EN3 approved fire extinguisher or fire blanket, and that members should be aware of how to use the one they have. Buckets of water placed outside units are also useful as near-to-hand fire fighting equipment. 16. It is advisable that each member’s unit be equipped with a first aid kit.
17. The use of gas cylinders with a capacity greater than 15kg is not permitted at Club events for supplying touring caravans, motorhomes or tents.

General behaviour
18. Respect should be shown to the landowner’s property, trees, fences, farm buildings, equipment and stock.
19. Dogs and other pets must be kept under control at all times. No animal is allowed to be loose on the site and must always be on a lead not longer than 2 metres if outside a unit. Members must remove any droppings left by their pets.
20. It is forbidden to fly kites and model aircraft (including drones) or to use catapults, air guns, firearms, bows and arrows or similar items on site. The use or release of sky lanterns is also forbidden on site. Ball games are permitted only with the agreement of the Steward, on an open space well away from camping units.
21. All members must ensure that their pitch is left clear of litter on their day of departure.
22. Noise should be kept to a minimum from radios, televisions and other sources such as generators, and there should be no noise between 11pm - 7am.
23. Campers may only use generators with the Steward’s permission. If a Steward considers the use of a generator to be causing a nuisance he may ask the camper to stop using it or leave the site.
24. Members’ units are not permitted to be left unattended overnight.

Public Health
25. The contents of chemical toilets must not be disposed of on the site except in the disposal point identified by the appointed Steward.
26. Members must collect wastewater in a receptacle and should not allow it to overflow and foul the camping ground unless otherwise advised by the Steward
27. Members attending a Club Meet must take their refuse home with them if receptacles are not provided.

28. Trading is not permitted at a Club Meet or Temporary Holiday Site unless authorised by the appointed Steward. Touting and commercial advertising are forbidden. Campers must not advertise services and goods for sale at camping events except with the permission of the Steward. A firm’s car or van, bearing the firm’s name and description is acceptable.